MRV para Navios

VEEO Initial and BOEM-S are the solutions for MRV Regulation compliance.

To respond to the market needs regarding the new EU Regulation, TecnoVeritas has developed a comprehensive software and hardware Kit to be installed on board, the called VEEO Initial which is an entry model on the VEEO series of products. VEEO won into 2012 the first prize for Clean Shipping of well-known Seatrade Awards, as it produces unmanned reports on ship performance and connects the ship to shore through its cloud-based program, called BOEM-S. VEEO Initial is a semi-automatic performance monitoring system. VEEO has also a fuel control capability, allowing the accurate control of fuel consumption and anti-fuel robbing monitoring.

BOEM-S, as referred, is a cloud-based software, that connects permanently the ship to shore, but it also treats the ship raw data sent by VEEO, in such a way that each person receives customised and personalised reports with the ship data already processed as desired. VEEO Initial and BOEM-S are therefore fully compliant with MRV Regulations and much more, avoiding the crew and shore personnel data treatment burden. BOEM-S is a comprehensive suite which may include, Maintenance Management, Voyage Optimisation, and Documents Management (Certificates and technical vessel management). From anywhere, authorized people may check their vessels performance, being available also over Smart Phones. VEEO and BOEM-S have received a NATO code, as they have been installed Naval NATO vessels.

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